Are You An Aspiring Recording Artist?

Theseus Music Group is looking to sign talented up and coming singers, songwriters and recording artists to our label. We are looking for artists with unique talents, a passion for music, and an incredible work ethic!

Breaking an artist through to the mainstream requires committment, hard work, sacrifice, and a lot of money. Talent alone is not enough to get you to the top!

Music is like a puzzle. No one piece works unless it’s part of a bigger picture as a whole!

The 3 Things We Look At!

Do You Have Talent?

Talent comes in many forms. Some people are musically gifted, others vocally gifted and others, well you get the point. We want unique talent!

Where Are You In Your Career?

Have you been in a studio? Have you recorded a demo? Have you sold CD’s? What are you currently doing to promote your music?

Are You Willing To Work?

So you’ve got a great voice or unique music abilities. That’s great! The question is how hard are you willing to work?

Ready To Submit Your Demo?

Fill out the form below. All fields in red are required to submit the form.

Please follow submission guidelines to the right of the form!

    Submission Guidelines


    SUBMIT YOUR DEMO ONLY ONCE! Multiple submissions will not get your demo heard faster.


    DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL US after submitting your demo to check if we liked it. If we like what we hear, we’ll find you!


    DO NOT SUBMIT OR SEND US FILES! Sign up for a free account on SoundCloud and send us the links instead.


    SUBMIT UP TO 3 SONGS… We want to hear your best songs only! You may only get very limited ear time from us, so make sure we get your best stuff!!!


    If you have music videos for your songs, please share the YouTube links only.


    Keep making great music even if you never hear from us again! FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!!