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We are only 1 day away from this year’s International Portuguese Music Awards (IPMA). We couldn’t be more excited and proud to announce that our young record label & music production company Theseus Music Group will be among the sponsors of 2018 IPMA Awards.

The event will be held this Saturday April 21st, 2018 at the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center in New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States. The co-hosts of the 2018 IPMA Awards will be Cátia Aldeagas and Ricardo Farias, while the presenters are kept secret until the event itself.

This means that Theseus Music Group will join the ranks of such companies like Azores Airlines, FPTV, the Portugal consulate in New Bedford and many others who sponsored the event in previous years.

For those of you that don’t know, the International Portuguese Music Awards, or IPMA, is an annual music awards ceremony in which anyone, including amateur and professional musicians, of Portuguese heritage can participate, no matter if they are actually based in Portugal or somewhere else in the world.

This year, 50 individual musicians and groups are nominated for 13 awards. Here are the categories and the nominees for 2018 IPMA Awards:

  1. Music Video of the Year: Nathalie, Austin Hein Productions (USA); The Code, Line Up Productions (USA); Nikita, Jon Roy, Cezar White (Canada) and Tony Gouveia, Tom Sokalski (Canada)
  2. Instrumental Performance: Fernando Marques Ensemble (Portugal); Ricardo J Martins (Portugal); Mike Kerr (USA) and Our Lady of Light Band (USA)
  3. World Music Performance: Grace Evora (Netherlands); Cremilda Medina (Cape Verde); Zerui (USA) and Fatima Fonseca (Brazil)
  4. Traditional Performance: Suzi Silva (Canada); Joey Medeiros (USA); Fernando Marques Ensemble (Portugal) and Paulo Filipe (Canada)
  5. Fado Performance: Clara Santos (Canada); Sandra Correia (Portugal); Elizabete (Canada) and Sonia Bettencourt (USA)
  6. Dance Performance: Melo Music (USA); Sir Matty V (USA); CUETWO (Canada) and Kassio (Portugal)
  7. Rap/Hip-Hop Performance: Jayjezz (Luxemburg); Sam Sun (Nigeria); Nutso (USA) and Karl Amaral (USA)
  8. Rock Performance: Social Hysteria (Portugal); OWAN (Portugal); Let Us Prey (USA) and The Code (Portugal)
  9. Pop Performance: Rebecca Correia (USA); The Code (Portugal); Grace Evora (Netherlands) and Kassio (Portugal)
  10. Musica Popular: Kassio (Portugal); Joey Medeiros (USA); Sarah Pacheco (USA) and Ze Duarte (USA)
  11. New Talent: Axandra (USA) and Justine Martins (USA)
  12. Song of the Year: The Code (songwriters Marisa Oliveira and Felix Medeiros) (Portugal); Suzi Silva (songwriters Suzi Silva and Sergiu Popa) (Canada); Social Hysteria (songwriters George Lopes and Steve Molella) (USA) and Tony Gouveia (songwriters Jose Mario Coelho and Hernani Raposo) (Canada)
  13. IPMA Azores Airlines People’s Choice: Grace Evora (Netherlands); Melo Musik (USA); Karl Amaral (USA) and Kassio (Portugal).

Meanwhile, Xutos e Pontapes will receive the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award for their immense contribution to Portuguese rock music during a career of nearly 40 years.

The 2018 IPMA Show will also feature performances by:

  • Former lead singer of pop-rock band Delfins, Miguel Angelo
  • Ex frontman of one of the first hip-hop, rap rock and ska band in Portugal, Da Weasel, Carlão
  • United States- based chamber ensemble, Manhattan Camerata
  • 2011 Portugal Got Talent semi-finalist Tiago Ribeiro, and
  • Luso-American Singer and author of four albums, David DeMelo, from the United States

You can see all the nominees and hear the songs at this page. For more information about the event, visit IPMA Awards website or Facebook page and use the official hashtag #2018IPMA.

Once again, we at Theseus Music Group are delighted to be a part of this event and we wish all 2018 IPMA nominees good luck!

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