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The quality of the information available in these training videos is exceptional. Since applying it to my music, my fan base has increased ten fold!

R. Sharma / Beat Maker

Grew My Fan base!

Wow, I added 652 new fans to my mailing list in less than 30 days and all I did was add a simple code & link to my website and social media profiles… CRAZY!

J. Arellano / Producer

What You'll Learn In This Training


How To Build An Email List!

Building an email list needs to be the #1 thing you're doing 24/7. And we'll show you why!


How To Promote Your Music!

If you're not promoting your music, someone needs to be! No promo equals no streams or sales!


How To Sell More Merchandise!

Selling merch generates revenues outside of music that you can use to re-invest back into your music!

Put Your Music Marketing On Auto-Pilot 24/7!

Making great music is just a small piece to the puzzle!
Without a fan base and a marketing system to push your music out to the masses, you'll struggle selling enough music to keep you in the game LONG TERM!

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