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Juicy Tips And Tricks To Make Your Video Shoots A Success!

All the methods you'll learn are tried, tested, and widely used in the video production industry every single day!

What Equipment You Need!

Everything from shooting yourself to hiring a production company.

How To Fund Your Shoots!

Where to find the cash to fund your shoot and how to get it.

Make Money On Your Shoots!

Learn how to turn a profit on your music videos easily before you ever release it.


Successful Music Videos Don't Happen By Accident!

We will walk you through every single step of the process from beginning to end so you can understand exactly how to do it properly before you even attempt to shoot a video. This way not only will you have an amazing finished product you're happy with, but more importantly fund it without using any of your own money.

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They require proper planning, execution and of course enough funding. Even if you plan on shooting with an iPhone, you still need to plan and execute your vision just to get the RAW footage. Then editing, finalizing, distributing and promoting the video is another problem.

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Admir Kurtic

Admir KurticTuzla, Bosnia

Hi your eBook was pretty informative and extremely creative with some of the ideas mentioned on producing videos. I learned that I can use this process for any kind of video not just music videos, so thank you!

Mario Eddie

Mario EddieSkopje, Macedonia

This ebook was fantastic! Learned so much about the process of shooting a music video I didn’t know about especially the funding part. For the price it was definitely worth it!

ChaCha Enock

ChaCha EnockNairobi, Kenya

Here in Kenya it can be difficult without a lot of money to shoot videos and your eBook gives good information how to do this on a budget. I hope to turn a profit on my videos using your information.


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What You'll Learn In Our Ebook!

Music Video Requirements

Learn everything you’re going to need to shoot a successful video.

Scouting Shoot Locations

How to scout and secure locations for your music video shoot.

How To Partner With Brands

How to get sponsorships & partners with brands.

Scripting & Filming Your Video

How to script your video & film it professionally with tons of footage.

How To Edit Your Music Video

How to edit your music video or where to find cheap video editors.

Leveraging Your Reach

How to leverage your reach to promote the music video to the masses.


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